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Apr. 9th, 2014

[closed] mew's Ampoules, Serums and Sheep Placenta Masks Spree 14
<3 Whopping 10% Off Ceutical Serums <3
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Promotion from supplier
· Complimentary gifts for orders above $50

· 10% off All Serums! Yes including all round raved Gold Serums! Prices mentioned below are after discount
· Sheep Placenta and 24K Gold Masks at only $1 instead of $1.50 (Come in sets of 10, mix and match allowed)

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Ampoules/Mask Ingredients

Ingredient List

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My extra items!

Available items!
These are the extra items from my personal stash, or duplicate spree orders! Please do try to join me for my regular monthly/bimonthly sprees. There will usually be bundle kits, promotional pricing or complimentary gifts due to large orders! :D

All ampoules are authentic, tested and certified. Please don't join if you're not comfortable.

Thanks for clearing my stash! ;DCollapse )

Mailling List


Join the Mailing List

Leave a comment with your email address here for the latest ampoule spree updates! 

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Spreehouse Spree Updates!

Previously completed Sprees~

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